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The value of a pesticide analysis of fruit

Are you looking for a professional laboratory that can perform accurate pesticide analysis of fruit? Then we are going to give you some tips to choose the right specialist. Of course, this is a very specific type of test, but it is important to know that the legal framework surrounding the use of pesticides is very detailed. When choosing a specialist, it is best to choose one who knows exactly what the legislation is. In the best case, the client has some certificates that increase the reliability of their results. We usually recommend a specific lab that has those certificates. Read on and find out which specialists we are talking about.

Choose this laboratory

If you want to carry out a pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or other food products, it is important to choose the right lab. We always recommend Primoris. As mentioned before, it is very important that a lab has certificates and that is the case for Primoris. Furthermore, they also have modern technology at their disposal to always carry out very accurate tests. Read on and find out which sectors the lab has already helped.

Discover the different industries for which an analysis is relevant

The list of the different industries for which an analysis is relevant is very extensive. For example, supermarkets can have a pesticide analysis done of fruit to make sure that their products meet the required standards. Distribution companies and import and export companies can also do so. In those cases, it is very important that you inform the specialist from which sector you come. Companies in the animal feed industry, for example, can also call on the services of Primoris, but these are subject to other specific guidelines in order to carry out a correct analysis. In other words, close collaboration and clear communication are key.