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The Best Wireless Chargers in 2023

In the modern world, wireless chargers have become quite popular due to the convenience they offer in charging devices. With no need for wires, cables, and bulky chargers, wireless charging is fast becoming the go-to standard for many users. If you are still using a wired charger, it’s time to upgrade your setup with some top-of-the-line wireless chargers that promise to simplify your charging experience and elevate your tech game. In this blog post, we bring you some of the best wireless chargers in 2023.

1. Belkin Boost Charge 15W Wireless Charger

The Belkin Boost Charge wireless charger is a great option for those who are always on the move. It charges your phone at 15W and makes use of a Qi wireless charging pad. This charging pad also supports the Apple and Samsung Fast Charging standards to charge up to 50% faster than other wireless chargers.

2. Anker PowerWave II

The PowerWave II is a fast-charging wireless charger that supports 15W charging. It comes with an LED light indicator that shows whether the phone is charging, and it can accommodate phones and other devices up to 10W. This wireless charger also boasts of a sleek design that can blend well in your home or office.

3. Mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging pad

The Mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging pad is an excellent choice for those who want to simultaneously charge multiple devices. This charging pad can charge four devices simultaneously, including two smartphones via wireless charging, an AirPods Pro case, and an Apple Watch. The charging pad also caters to all phone types, including iPhones, Samsung, and other Qi-enabled devices with a total output of 7.5W.

4. Apple MagSafe charger

The Apple MagSafe charger is perfect for those who own an iPhone 12. It is designed to snap onto the back of your iPhone for a secure fit, allowing for easy wireless charging. Plus, it also comes with an LED light indicator that shows whether the phone is charging. Although it is only compatible with iPhone 12 and newer models, the MagSafe is an excellent wireless charger that can juice up your device in no time.

5. Samsung Wireless Duo Pad

The Samsung Wireless Duo Pad is an excellent charging pad for your Samsung devices. This charging pad can charge two devices simultaneously, one via wireless charging and the other via a USB-C cable. It also comes with an LED light that shows whether the phone is charging, making it easier to check your device’s charging status.