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How market yourself as a photographer

Marketing yourself as a photographer is important for putting yourself out there. By using the right channels, you can not only find new clients but become more renowned. If you and your pictures are known than that means you can charge more for your work. But how do you get to that point? I’m not telling you that by following this guide you will instantly become a famous photographer but it will definitely get you on the road there.

Get a good-looking website

Make sure your website isn’t just good looking but make it on brand. If you aren’t good at designing your own website then find someone to do it for you or look at some photography website examples online and copy some you like. By doing this you have a central place people can go to not only contact you but also look at your work.

Socials matter

In this day and age there is no excuse not to upload your work on at least some socials. For photographers we recommend Instagram. Once you finish a shoot set aside a bunch of pictures that you can then post to your Instagram. Spread out the postings to one a day or even every few days and make sure there is a constant stream of new pictures going online. More and more photographers are being discovered through social media these days so why shouldn’t you? This is also a great platform to find inspiration. Look around at what is popular and see if you can replicate the look and feel of it somehow.

Develop your own style

Another important element to consider is the style of your pictures. Every famous photographer became famous for their style, their personal touch. Try and develop your own. It might not come easy at first but if someone can say hey that’s by “…” just by looking at it then you know you have made it.