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Fat bike

Winter is at hand, and as happened to Jude Law in the famous 2001 movie, staying home to wait for the sun to rise is not an option.


Electric Fat Bikes are not for exclusive use in winter, but there is no doubt that there is no better option if we want to enjoy cycling in the snow, as we can assure you that these types of bikes are pure adrenaline!


Fatbikes were created in 1986 using a prototype of Michelin wheels for the purpose of cycling in the Sahara desert, but they achieved great popularity thanks to the Iditarod Trail Invitational race, which was born inspired by the “Great Race of the Misericordia ”from 1925, reflected among others, in Balto’s film.


Differences between Fat Bike and “common” MTB

The most significant difference between a Fat Bike and an MTB bike is the size of its wheels, specially designed to provide a greater surface on which to distribute the weight, making it easier to ride on sand or snow.


The rim of this type of bicycle is 26 “compared to the typical 27.5” MTB rim, and the width of the tire is usually between 4 and 5 inches.


It is common to find models of Fat Bikes with rigid suspension, although there are also them with double suspension, although due to the type of cushioning that this type of bicycle generates, the suspension is not as important as it can be on a “more normal” bicycle.


When we talk about Pressure, in a Fat Bike the ideal is to oscillate between 5 and 15 psi, the closer to 5, the bike will work better in rocky areas and routes with many roots since you will get a spectacular grip, there are even cyclists who have used them. used with 2 psi pressure.


If we think about some of its negative points, we could say that the climbs make us a little harder as well as launching the bike when leaving a sharp curve, but on the other hand, we can say that there is nothing like a Fat Bike for lovers of speed, since once it gains speed and inertia, there is no one to stop it! But don’t worry, his grip will keep you on the roll no matter what you do;)


In case you want to delve a little more into the characteristics that make E-Fat Bikes so special, we leave you here this video that goes into quite a bit of detail in all its pros and cons;)





If you have never seen a Fat Bike before or you do not know any model, here are some of the best that have come out for 2020.


Specialized Fatboy



This bike combines a good drivetrain with bomb-proof tires, and you’ll have a bike for any purpose you set yourself in winter or spring.


The FACT carbon fiber construction allows the frame to be lightweight and extremely stiff in the right places. It has internal cable routing so that neither mud, sand, snow or dust affects performance. Its FACT carbon fork provides elasticity to absorb bumps, while reducing the total weight of the bike.


In addition, it has a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed groupset, with Truvativ Descendent cranks, which provides a wide range of changes, both for comfortably climbing and descending with full development on descents. Single chainrings save weight and make chain jumps virtually impossible.


Giant Yukon



Specially designed for use on sand and snow, this bike will not leave you indifferent the mountains where you ride it.


Its low center of gravity allows highly technical maneuvers in truly vertical or reduced mobility situations and its Shimano components guarantee maximum quality and performance in all circumstances.




We hope we have aroused your interest in this type of bicycle and that you give them a chance when the opportunity arises, we are sure that the experience will be a lot of fun!