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Buy all kinds of audio and video cables

At LivePower in Brussels you will only find top quality cables for your audio or video setup. Will you buy SpeakON cables or are you a fan of the PowerCON cables? Everything is possible thanks to the vast range of options that this store offers. You can buy all of their products, like audio cables, online or pass by their store to get them. They will give you all the information that you need to know to use these cables.

Their full range of products

For every stage, concert or project, these specialists offer a fitting audio-visual solution. Their store mainly focusses on B2B sales and rental, but everyone is welcome to come take a look at their selections of cables. You can buy everything from SpeakON to Schuko hybrid cables. Finding the right cable for your device can prove to be quite challenging because of the many options and different ports that exist. This is also why the specialists of LivePower are always looking to expand their range of products and even offer a service of custom-made cables. This way you will never have to look far to buy your audio cables. Some of the products that you will find in their store, are:

  • Premade cables
  • Multi, break or split cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • Power distribution
  • Accessories

When working on a large project, you might need more than just a couple of cables. At LivePower in Brussels you will also find their products in bulk.

Choose the right connection cables

Picking out the right cables is of great importance if you want all your devices to work properly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to these experts. They are always prepared to help you when you want to buy audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables. You will have a complete setup in no time and make the best music or videos with it.