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Are interior textiles sustainable? Yes!

When sustainability is important for you, then we’ll gladly introduce you to the professional company Love Home Fabrics. It’s not a secret that producing textures and fabrics can be a real challenge for the wellbeing of our planet. Not with these professionals with a heart for eco-friendly manufacturing. During the process, all of their waste is categorized and recycled into different categories to keep the harmful waste to a bare minimum. Did you know that the waste of their extrusion plant is used for upcycled materials for carpeting companies and more industries? Their interior textiles are locally produced to keep the production chain as simple as possible. Make a difference for our environment and buy interior textiles to redecorate your house or business!  

Learn more about their area of expertise

They have a specialized company for every kind of textiles, textures and fabrics. This way, they guarantee the best possible service for every client with a specific interest. Have a look at their niche brands with interior textiles below:

  • Towel2 (Clarysse): consists of recycled textile, such as denim
  • C2C (Clarysse): made from recycled material and are completely recyclable themselves
  • L.E.A.F. (Pieters Textiel): short for Love Environment and Fabrics
  • Mayan Green (Artilat): latex toppers and cores which are completely recyclable
  • Vivalife (Ter Molst): 100% locally produced from the yarns of their own extrusion plant
  • Phoenix (Monks): upcycled, recyclable mattress fabrics that can be recycled up to ten times

Do you want to experience their professionalism, vision and high-quality products yourself? Have a look at the collection of Love Home Fabrics, maybe your perfect textile is available for ordering online.

Feel free to contact them for more information

Whatever your specific need or personal taste, they have interior textiles in stock that would look beautiful in your house or business space. Do you want to know more about their shipping methods? Or their sustainable way of manufacturing interior textiles? Phone them or send them an e-mail to get started. The correct contact information is shown on the website of the company.