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professional Legal Tech Software from the Cloud

Managing the law firm digitally with professional Legal Tech Software

Law firm software offers many benefits. With the help of modern cloud software, you can do digital dictation, work more efficiently with the e-file, and integrate a number of other digital solutions into your workflow. But IT issues, by their very nature, do not belong in the realm of a lawyer. That’s why it’s good that there are a number of individual IT suppliers in this area. With their help, lawyers can use law firm software that is integrated into processes and enables maximum efficiency.

Electronic legal correspondence, electronic files and more – Office Software can do it all.

Each software has its own features, and its own individual advantages. Law firm software offers special solutions that have been developed explicitly for lawyers and are intended to facilitate their daily work. Probably the most important module is the electronic file. It is the future of legal transactions and will become increasingly important in Germany in the near future. However, completely different ideas, such as a practical dictation function, or the possibility of managing documents more efficiently and with the help of the cloud, are also part of the basic equipment of the various offerings. It is important that there are interfaces to common programs such as ELSTER, or to DATEV. Only in this way can lawyers digitize their entire office, and not just their daily work. The electronic lawyer’s mailbox, which can also be used by mobile devices, for example with beA integration, is also very popular. The basis for this is always Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is also the most popular operating system among lawyers, closely followed by MAC OS. Solutions like RA-Micro work on both systems and can work just as well on Microsoft Windows as on MAC OS. Whether in the home office, or directly in the courthouse – with the help of a law firm software, the lawyer always stays up to date and can access all relevant information via the Internet.

What are the advantages of Office Software?

In the past, the lawyer had to create each file manually. In doing so, the file caused a lot of work and required a lot of paper. With the help of an electronic file, these times are over. The electronic file is more or less an update in the way lawyers work, and it is certainly the future. In order for all this to happen legally, the lawyer needs a high level of security. Access online requires a high degree of trust, but also an adequate infrastructure in the background. Here, too, there are now suitable solutions that are affordable even for small law firms. After all, IT systems cost money, and that must not be forgotten. Small law firms in particular need affordable solutions that can be used to manage day-to-day operations. With the help of an integrated e-mail system, daily correspondence can be almost completely digitized. With the vast amount of correspondence, this is a solution that offers a real advantage. For this reason, beA integration has long been a fixed component of many law firms as a module. It enables direct access to the entire and case-related communication. This not only saves a lot of paper, but also makes processes much more efficient and allows them to be controlled more comprehensively and in a timely manner. After all, it is not only the user who wants to benefit from an IT infrastructure from the cloud. The client also wants a reliable concept that enables him to process his concerns quickly. Lawyer software from the cloud is the ideal solution for this. It offers the possibility of e-mail support for faster processing of concerns. This keeps the lawyer closer to the client and allows him to respond immediately to problems and questions. Mobile usage options are another area in which a lot will happen. It is conceivable, for example, that the client will also be able to access and view the file digitally.

How can you integrate a software solution into existing workflows?

In a law firm, there is a lot of work to be done every day. Open items have to be settled, and of course the lawyer must not neglect the actual and advisory core activity. Cloud law firm software is an ideal solution here. Smaller law firms benefit from Software from the cloud. It is a cost-effective, yet comprehensive solution that leaves nothing to be desired. Legal tech is an industry that few providers specialize in. Users of legal tech are known to be only lawyers, notaries and tax consultants. This is a very narrow field, but its users are looking for very dedicated solutions. Lawyers and consultants naturally also want to access the file with a mobile device, but must pay even greater attention to data protection here. The classic office offers few practical solutions here, but is indispensable in everyday professional life. A system that is managed by an external provider and guarantees access and general security is absolutely essential here. As a user, you don’t have to worry about much, but can use your Office and Windows system as usual. A lawyer software like RA-MICRO takes care of the technical details automatically and in the background. A team of experts is available for the setup, and the ongoing support. The software integrates the file almost automatically, allowing for faster processing. The client experiences that the lawyer software does not only make the office digital. It ensures faster processing of the file, which in turn increases satisfaction. For the lawyer, it is a boon in many areas. With the software, mobile applications can be used more effectively, and the file can be processed at any time. These benefits, combined with the low cost, make software attractive to any law firm. Those who integrate software make their law firm fit for the future.