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Moxy Hotels: Putting the Luxury in your budget.


When it comes to finding brand recognition and superb accommodations there are always a few names that come to your head.


But, what happens when you try to search for a place that has all of those characteristics… and are also budget friendly. In those cases, the search narrows… a lot!.


Thankfully we have managed to find an option, that is not only comfortable, that is not only a great place to be… but is also budget friendly.


Are you interested in knowing more? Keep reading!


What does budget hotel mean?


First, we need to make clear, what does budget hotel mean. There is a strong belief that budget is something low quality, Our minds have trained to believe that we must associate the word budget with something low quality. Something that is entry level.


However, the true meaning of budget is “Something that is inexpensive”. If something is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean it has to be bad. It doesn’t mean it has to be poor quality.


Of course, there might be certain trends when it comes to budget things. You should not expect to have the same characteristics when you go to affordable options, but there are affordable options that are really good to believe.


So, a budget hotel is a hotel that is well priced and that has pretty good qualities to make an enjoyable stay.

Luxury Hotel vs Budget Hotel


A budget hotel is a place that offers your family a good experience. It won’t provide any out of this earth experience. But that is not a bad thing. Think about this for a moment, when you have a family trip? How much of the time do you spend in the hotel?


You won’t pass much of the time in the hotel. So having a nice clean and tidy room is more than enough to guarantee that you have a good experience during your stay. Use your money to create the perfect family vacation. By choosing a budget hotel, you can visit more places and have an enhanced visit.


On the other hand, a luxury hotel is better when you want to have a special occasion. Honeymoons, Love retreats, and similar activities call for a luxury hotel.


What do budget hotels offer?


These hotels offer you a great experience without the bells and whistles. This is not something bad. Remember that you will be visiting many tourist attractions, not the hotel So having a place to sleep that is clean and tidy is what you need.


Most of the times these hotels will have the best deals. The drawback is that they don’t often have a full range of facilities like the ones you would find on a 5 stars luxury hotel. But again, these hotels have the best price-experience relation.

What to expect in a budget room?


There are at least 5 things that you should expect to find un a budget hotel room. They are to guarantee that you can have an amazing time.


The first is Security. Budget hotels are placed in safe neighborhoods. It doesn’t make any sense to have a hotel poorly located.


The second thing you will expect from a budget hotel is a clean room. Nobody should ever exchange cleanliness for a cheap price.


Another good thing that budget rooms have is easy access to many goods and services. Transportation in this cases is excellent


You can also expect to have really good add-ons like Internet access or free breakfast for a really good and amazing fare. You can also expect a really good mattress.


A budget hotel offers you a high level of comfort with at a really affordable price.


Budget room with bath.


Budget hotels come in 2 different flavors when it comes to bathrooms. You can find some hotels that offer a private bathroom, with others offering a shared one. Of course, this has to do with the price.


If a private bathroom is a must (like in a family trip), check the offerings of the hotel before you book. On the other hand, if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom, this is a great chance to save some money.


What are some of the best budget hotels?


To be honest, this is an answer hard to answer. Why? Because there are so many cities around the world!


However, if you are around London, Berlin, Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Aberdeen the question is easy to answer as there is one hotel in this city that can beat every budget hotel in the area… hands down.


So… tell me what it is? The affordable or budget Moxy Hotels. If you are on a budget but want to have one of the most amazing experiences of your life while visiting these cities, check out Moxy Hotels.


You can know more about them here.