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Choose between 40 different models when looking for a heated circulating water bath

Are you looking for the best solution for your laboratory’s liquid heating needs? Meet Prolyse BV! They are an industry leader in providing quality laboratory services and we offer a wide range of competitively priced products. This company deliver their services for companies in the analytical chemistry, process industry and mainly in the pharmaceutical- and life-science laboratories. If it needs heat, it needs a PolyScience heated circulating water bath!

Different types of baths

From a simple immersion circulator to economical Open Bath Systems to a full-featured heated circulating water bath with ramp and soak capabilities: they have it all. The company delivers heated circulating water baths from the brand PolyScience. This is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Since 1963, they have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide. PolyScience heated Circulating water baths uphold the reputation for innovation, product quality and heating expertise. Choose from almost 40 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs at the web shop from Prolyse BV. At Prolyse BV we offer a heating circulator for your laboratory with the following features:

  • LidDock lid stowing system
  • Capacities from 6 to 28 liters
  • DuraTop Chemical-resistant deck
  • Swivel 180-degree Rotating Controllers
  • Temperature stabilities up to +/- 0.005⁰C
  • Working temperatures from ambient to +200⁰C
  • Large bath openings and easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Six controller types with large, intuitive displays and multiple communication options

Quick service and excellent support

This company offers great support when ordering a heated circulating water bath. They take all the support issues seriously and provide timely responses. Their service is quick and they respond within one to two days. Ordering your heated circulating water bath for your laboratory from them is also attractive because you pay no shipping costs on orders above 500 euros. Do you have any further questions about the heated circulating water bath? Get in touch with them!